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Who is Anemone Yacht Charter.

Randi Ree and Kjell Reidar Pedersen.
We have been working with sailing for many years. She moved to Finnmark in year 2003 and started together with Kjell Reidar to fish. Together they have been fishing between working for the last 3 years.

What can we offer in Norway.

We have for rent a house in Kårhamn and Kvalfjord.
In Kvalfjord you can also choose to stay in a private home. Together with the house, there will be a small boat with an out board. If you want you can come with us on our boat and go fishing with us. We will then teach you how to fish, treat and prepare the cod for dinner.

9657 Kårhamn
Tlf: +47 952 74 632
Fax: +47 78 44 00 00